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Church in Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos

Sifnos Island

Sifnos is located at the centre of the triangle complex of the West Cyclades, set by the islands of Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos in the Aegean Sea. The island’s shape is triangular and is located 75 sea miles away from Piraeus.

Named long ago after its gold and silver mines, Sifnos is the purest example of the Cycladic style. Today it is well known for its silver olive groves and golden oils, its acknowledged cuisine that merges fresh garden products with local fish and meats, the ceramics, and the jewellery that you can find in every spot of the island.

Sifnos offers travellers all the highlights of the archipelago. It will leave a lasting impression of the extraordinary richness of its naked land, its architecture, the old hiking routes in the millenary "monopati", the cleanliness of its atmosphere, the uncountable white churches, and its waters of thousand blues.

Beaches of Sifnos

Sifnos has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and cool summers that are defined by the etesian winds. The island’s coastline shows extraordinary alternations with many coves and beautiful sandy beaches.

Sifnos enjoys a wide variety of beaches that will meet all expectations: Rocky coasts, pebble beaches and golden sandy beaches...

Most of them are accessible by road (with regular bus lines) like Kamares, Cheronissos, Vathy, Platys Gialos, Vroulidia, Faros - other by picturesque paths or by boat such as Gialoudia, Fykiada, Kontos etc.

Paths of Sifnos

Travelers have the chance to discover the traditional, minimalistic Cycladic architecture by taking long walks through the cobbled alleyways and footpaths that link the villages of Sifnos: beautiful white-washed houses and churches, ancient towers, small caves, agricultural cottages and endless dry-stone walls, and at the same time enjoy breath-taking views. Full maps of the Sifnos paths are available from our reception.


Villages of Sifnos

Apollonia, also called Stavri, was named the capital of Sifnos in 1836. The town sprawls out along the three hills in the centre of Sifnos and is the home of the island's folklore museum and library. The town's name is thought to come from an ancient temple of Apollo on the site of the church of Panayia Yeraniofora.

The second-largest town on the island is Artemonas, thought to be named after an ancient temple of Apollo's sister-goddess Artemis, and is located at the site of the church of Panayia Kokhi. Artemonas is one of Sifnos’ many attractions, with neoclassic mansions, gardens and flowery courtyards.

At the east of the island, on an abrupt rock with excellent panoramic view to the ocean, the historic village Kastro, one of the most picturesque regions of Sifnos. The village of Kastro (118), built on top of a high cliff on the island's northwestern shore on the site of the ancient city of Sifnos, today has extensive medieval remains and is the location of the island's archeological museum.

Faros, situated at the south east of Sifnos, is considered as the safest port of the island, and has been Sifnos official port up to 1883. It took its name after the lighthouse (in Greek: faros) that has been installed at the entrance of the port for navigation reasons.

Other beautiful coastal summer resorts include Platis Gialos bay, Chrissopigi, Vathi and Cheronissos.

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